A Homeowner’s Guide: Central AC vs. Ductless Cooling

Central or Ductless Systems: Which to Choose

With so many technological advancements, it should be no surprise that the world of air conditioning has also seen advances. One of these advancements is the ductless system which, unlike central air systems, requires no ductwork to cool or heat a home.

Many homeowners struggle to figure out which system is right for them: central or ductless. In this article, experts discuss the differences between these two systems and what other AC systems are available.

Central Air Conditioning Units

central AC A central air conditioning system, or a central AC unit, is the most common way of cooling down a home. These systems keep the entire house at a specific temperature throughout the day and night, controlled by a thermostat installed in the home.

There are many benefits to these types of units. They provide a quick and efficient cooling method and are much quicker at cooling homes than window and wall units. Central air conditioning units are also generally quieter than window and wall units. Other benefits include:

  • Cheaper to install
  • Cleaner indoor air quality
  • Compatible with furnaces
  • More aesthetically pleasing

Ductless Mini Split Systems

mini split AC Ductless mini split systems, unlike central air conditioning units, do not require ducts to distribute air throughout the home. It includes indoor units connected through refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring, with the indoor units usually mounted on a wall.

There are many benefits of having a ductless mini split air conditioner. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of cooling individual rooms instead of the entire home by installing four indoor units throughout the house. Since they work in zones, homeowners can set different areas of the house at different temperatures or avoid wasting money on cooling unused areas. Ductless mini-splits also reduce energy consumption, leading to lower energy bills.

AC System Alternatives

Two other common AC types are air conditioning window units and portable air conditioners. Homeowners with a cooling system that still experience trouble areas in the home that get too hot may benefit from a window or portable air conditioner as these are generally very affordable options to keep rooms cool.

Window air conditioners are installed in windows and are typically only good for cooling the room in which they’re placed, so it’s recommended to have them in closed-off spaces that can benefit from them the most. Window air conditioners are bulky and can be noisy, so they may not work for everyone.

Portable air conditioners are similar to window air conditioners except that they can be easily moved from one room to another. They typically come with wheels for easy transportation and require a window or sliding glass door where a hose will be put through to vent heat from the indoors to the outdoors. The downside to these two types of units is that homeowners may need multiple units to cool more than one room of their home, which can quickly become expensive.

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