A Homeowner’s Guide: Central AC vs. Ductless Cooling

Central or Ductless Systems: Which to Choose

With so many technological advancements, it should be no surprise that the world of air conditioning has also seen advances. One of these advancements is the ductless system which, unlike central air systems, requires no ductwork to cool or heat a home.

Many homeowners struggle to figure out which system is right for them: central or ductless. In this article, experts discuss the differences between these two systems and what other AC systems are available.

Central Air Conditioning Units

central AC A central air conditioning system, or a central AC unit, is the most common way of cooling down a home. These systems keep the entire house at a specific temperature throughout the day and night, controlled by a thermostat installed in the home.

There are many benefits to these types of units. They provide a quick and efficient cooling method and are much quicker at cooling homes than window and wall units. Central air conditioning units are also generally quieter than window and wall units. Other benefits include:

  • Cheaper to install
  • Cleaner indoor air quality
  • Compatible with furnaces
  • More aesthetically pleasing

Ductless Mini Split Systems

mini split AC Ductless mini split systems, unlike central air conditioning units, do not require ducts to distribute air throughout the home. It includes indoor units connected through refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring, with the indoor units usually mounted on a wall.

There are many benefits of having a ductless mini split air conditioner. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of cooling individual rooms instead of the entire home by installing four indoor units throughout the house. Since they work in zones, homeowners can set different areas of the house at different temperatures or avoid wasting money on cooling unused areas. Ductless mini-splits also reduce energy consumption, leading to lower energy bills.

AC System Alternatives

Two other common AC types are air conditioning window units and portable air conditioners. Homeowners with a cooling system that still experience trouble areas in the home that get too hot may benefit from a window or portable air conditioner as these are generally very affordable options to keep rooms cool.

Window air conditioners are installed in windows and are typically only good for cooling the room in which they’re placed, so it’s recommended to have them in closed-off spaces that can benefit from them the most. Window air conditioners are bulky and can be noisy, so they may not work for everyone.

Portable air conditioners are similar to window air conditioners except that they can be easily moved from one room to another. They typically come with wheels for easy transportation and require a window or sliding glass door where a hose will be put through to vent heat from the indoors to the outdoors. The downside to these two types of units is that homeowners may need multiple units to cool more than one room of their home, which can quickly become expensive.

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Signs the Air Ducts Need to Be Replaced

How to Know When to Replace Air Ducts

Air ducts are an essential part of central air conditioning systems. Ductwork is used to distribute air from the HVAC unit throughout the home. Outdated or damaged ducts could mean homeowners are paying more on heating/cooling costs than they should be and that the airflow is diminished. 

Homeowners should look for signs that it is time for air duct replacement. After doing frequent repairs, noticing an increase in utility bills, or being woken up by noisy ductwork, homeowners may decide that it is time to invest in duct replacement. 

Warning Signs of Damaged Air Ducts

smell There are a few warning signs of damaged air ducts. Musty smells coming from the air ducts could mean that mold and bacteria are growing inside. Dirty ductwork exposed to humidity can grow mold. Mold is harmful to human health.

It may be possible to fix the smell with air duct cleaning services, but if there is too much mold to remove, the ducts need to be replaced. Strange noises are one of the most obvious signs of something wrong with the ductwork. It may sound like there is rattling or whistling in the walls. This could be because of faulty air ducts. 

Damaged air ducts reduce the efficiency of the HVAC unit. Inconsistent heating and cooling capabilities are a warning sign of damaged air ducts. There could also be a significant spike in energy bills because the HVAC unit has to work twice as hard with damaged ducts. 

Benefits of Air Duct Replacement

save Here are the benefits of getting new air ducts:

  • Improves heating and cooling capabilities 
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Better indoor air quality 
  • Easier to clean ducts 
  • Need duct repair less often 
  • Quieter operation 

There have been major advancements in the HVAC industry in the last few decades. The development of machine learning technology and new inventions have made heating and cooling more efficient than ever before. Homeowners may be able to save money and promote healthier air quality by replacing old air ducts. 

Depending on the home’s needs, homeowners may want to consider switching to a different duct material or layout. An HVAC professional can assist homeowners in making an informed choice on what kind of ducts are best for their home. 

How Does Air Duct Repair Work 

Air duct repair usually starts with a thorough inspection of the ducts. Professional HVAC technicians have multiple specialized tools for diagnosing problems within the ductwork. They may use a camera inserted into the ducts to visually inspect the inside or use a leak detector to listen for the sound of the leak. 

Once the point of damage has been located, the HVAC specialist and homeowner can work together to create a plan for fixing it. The HVAC technician will present the best options to the homeowner. Some air duct issues can be repaired by patching it up, but serious problems with the ductwork may call for a duct replacement. 

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A Primer on HVAC

What is the Meaning and Purpose of HVAC?

The extent of many peoples’ experience with the HVAC system is turning the thermostat up or down. Too often, homeowners are intimidated by HVAC components and let that cloud their understanding of the HVAC system. This can lead to frustration when things go wrong with the system. Wouldn’t having some baseline knowledge about HVAC be helpful to help homeowners navigate this industry?

This article is a quick guide for homeowners to learn about the HVAC equipment in their homes. Local experts are here to help by walking through the basics. With the basics covered, homeowners can easily expand their knowledge to make all things HVAC more approachable. 

How HVAC Keeps Homes Safe

First things first, what does “HVAC” stand for? “HVAC” stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.” The HVAC industry is about a lot more than quick AC repairs. 

HVAC technicians are trained in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. A typical licensed professional can handle installations from start to finish on ventilation systems for small homes to large commercial buildings. Some examples of problems that HVAC professionals are relied upon to figure out are:

  • How big does an AC need to be in a home?
  • How should heating and air conditioning be handled in multi-family housing units or businesses?
  • How are residential and commercial vent hoods, like bathroom fans or exhaust fans, installed to code?
  • How much air must be turned over in a certain period to keep fresh air in the home?

With people spending so much time indoors, the air that is breathed needs to be safe and pure. HVAC technicians ensure this happens. 

Common Parts of the HVAC System

coil A typical residential unit has a heater and air conditioner that adjusts the temperature in a home. Both systems share common parts like blowers and ductwork to distribute air. A thermostat allows the homeowner to control the cycling of the units. 

Air conditioners and heat pumps can further be broken down into constituent parts. The compressor puts refrigerant under pressure so the evaporator coil can use its cooling power. After the refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator coil, it must be chilled in the condenser coil to start the process again. In heat pumps, this process reverses to use the cooling power as heating power instead.  


Do HVAC Systems Need Maintenance?

filter HVAC systems work hard all year. Whether heating through cold winters or cooling during brutal summers, they can rack up the mileage fast. Biannual HVAC maintenance can help take some of the load off of these important machines. The first step is changing the air filter at least every three months. The second step is hiring a professional to check things like: 

  • Electrical connections
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Refrigerant pressure
  • Cleanliness of blowers and ductwork
  • Motor power consumption
  • Cleanliness of coils

By changing the air filter on time and having a professional perform routine maintenance, the lifespan of the HVAC system will increase, and operating costs will be reduced. 

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Fight Off Spring Allergies by Improving Indoor Air Quality

3 Ways to Get Ready For a Higher Pollen Count This Spring!

air purifier It’s almost impossible to avoid common allergens, especially environmental allergens that are prominent in spring. While many people suffer from seasonal allergies outside, indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality. Luckily, there are ways to decrease the effects and reactions from allergens inside.

This is done by focusing on indoor air quality. There are various solutions homeowners can implement, such as air purifiers, air scrubbers, air sanitizers, and dehumidifiers.

Option 1: Air Purifiers and Air Scrubbers

Pollen and dust are notoriously hard to get out of a home because of how small the particles are. Sadly, these two allergens also cause most allergic reactions during the springtime. Both whole-home air purifiers and air scrubbers can be installed in a home to help.

Air purifiers work by pushing in the air from a house and trapping particles into an air filter. The air filter can clog up quickly during allergy season and get blocked, so it needs to be regularly changed. It is an excellent solution for homeowners looking to clean one specific room.

On the other hand, air scrubbers are more common in commercial spaces since they work even more efficiently. This indoor air quality solution works by releasing negatively charged ions into the air that bond with allergen particles. These particles are then introduced to the air scrubber machine and cleaned with water.

Option 2: UV Air Sanitizers and Dehumidifiers schedule maintenance

UV air sanitizers and dehumidifiers are also popular solutions. Homeowners can use a UV air sanitizer if they struggle with mold allergies. This tool uses UV rays and light to purify or sanitize the air and the surrounding surfaces, decreasing the chances of mold and killing any active mold.

So what are dehumidifiers, and what do they do? Dehumidifiers are smaller machines that homeowners can use to get rid of mold. Since mold and bacteria thrive in humid areas, the dehumidifier does a great job of getting rid of the humidity by sucking the water out of the air.

Option 3: Schedule Annual AC Maintenance and Filter Replacement

Often the easiest solution to seasonal allergies is the simplest! Although a whole-house air purifier can reduce allergens in a home, it can frequently change the air filter. Air filters and annual AC maintenance are critical to indoor air quality.

By frequently cleaning the coils and getting rid of trapped dust in air filters, the indoor air quality can improve in a home. Homeowners should expect to schedule an air filter replacement at least once every two to three months. This number increases if the homeowner also has pets that frequently shed.

There are different air filters to consider, including HEPA filters and reusable filters. HEPA filters are more expensive and require frequent replacements, but they offer the best filtering option. On the other hand, reusable filters are affordable for homeowners looking to save money on AC maintenance.

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